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Gas traction spring 8/28

Gas traction spring can be designed based on the customers standards.
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Gas traction spring 8/28

B= Closed lenght
C= Stroke
All Standard Springs have a rust proof steel rod and a black painted pressure tube.

Connection parts

  • Eylet flat
  • Eyelet with chamfer
  • Eyelet milled
  • clevis with quick release
  • angle joint radial

All connection parts are screw-on.

ABF1Order- No.
200mm50mm100 NZ4100628-100N
200mm50mm500 NZ4100629-500N
200mm50mm1000 NZ4100630-1000N
200mm50mm1500 NZ4100631-1500N
200mm100mm100 NZ4100632-100N
200mm100mm500 NZ4100633-500N
200mm100mm1000 NZ4100634-1000N
200mm100mm1500 NZ4100635-1500N
250mm150mm100 NZ4100636-100N
250mm150mm500 NZ4100637-500N
250mm150mm1000 NZ4100638-1000N
250mm150mm1500 NZ4100639-1500N
300mm200mm100 NZ4100640-100N
300mm200mm500 NZ4100641-500N
300mm200mm1000 NZ4100642-1000N
300mm200mm1500 NZ4100643-1500N
350mm250mm100 NZ4100644-100N
350mm250mm500 NZ4100645-500N
350mm250mm1000 NZ4100646-1000N
350mm250mm1500 NZ4100647-1500N
400mm300mm100 NZ4100648-100N
400mm300mm500 NZ4100649-500N
400mm300mm1000 NZ4100650-1000N
400mm300mm1500 NZ4100651-1500N
450mm350mm100 NZ4100652-100N
450mm350mm500 NZ4100653-500N
450mm350mm1000 NZ4100654-1000N
450mm350mm1500 NZ4100655-1500N